• 名稱:1Quest
  • 版本:1Quest
  • 分類:角色扮演
  • 系統:2.2 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:7 歲以上輕度暴力

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1Quest is a roguelike, where you control a young adventurer who pursues an evil blood cult, after they abducts several children, including the princess of the kingdom!

You got 7 days before he can start his evil ritual to summon an ancient demon from the sacrificing of the children. Each region of the realm contains some dangerous place where you can find various help and you can choose your own path to choose your rewards. But do not loose time, if you want to save all the children…

Fight monsters, grab loot, become more powerful and save the child ren to prevent the blood cult to summon the demon.

You can try the free version here

Key features:
– Turn based RPG
– Roguelike: Dying is fun!
– 5 races
– 18 Differents classes
– More than 150 class abilities and spells for characters
– More than 100 monsters
– 20 Differents dungeons with specific rewards
– Magic system based on spell schools and magic affinity for more diversity and replayability 1Quest是roguelike,在那裡你控制一個年輕的冒險家誰奉行一個邪惡的血邪教,他們綁架幾個孩子,包括王國的公主後!




– 回合製RPG遊戲
– Roguelike:死亡是樂趣!
– 5場比賽
– 18 Differents班
– 超過150級的技能和法術的字符
– 超過100怪物
– 20 Differents地下城與具體的獎勵

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