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  • 名稱:Beer Citizen
  • 版本:1.5
  • 分類:社交
  • 系統:2.2 以上
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Beer Citizen介紹:

Beer Citizen

Beer Citizen is an advanced tool for true beer fans to discover, review, and share the brews you drink from around the world! Our review system allows you to identify and quantify the intensity of individual traits observed in a particular beer. As more citizens review a beer, review data is used to build an aggregated beer profile. Now, instead of relying on 5-star ratings or reading page after page of written reviews, you can quickly see in great detail what the entire community thinks a beer is like, and decide if it suits your personal tastes before you buy it.


* Beer profiles let you easily see what all your fellow citizens think a beer is like
* Discover similar beers with suggestions based on review data
* Establish a record of every beer you drink and review
* Take and upload pictures of the beers you try and the breweries you visit
* Check in at your current location when reviewing a beer
* Add tasting notes and an overall rating with your reviews
* Revise or add to your review data for a beer at any time
* Add your home brewery and have friends review your beers
* See activity near your location
* Share beers, breweries, or your profile on Facebook and Twitter

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Remember, drink respectably and drink responsibly. 啤酒公民是一個先進的工具,真正的啤酒愛好者發現,審查,並分享來自世界各地的你喝啤酒!我們的審查制度,允許您識別和量化的強度觀察到的個人特質在一個特定的啤酒。隨著越來越多的公民審查啤酒,複習資料被用來建立一個聚合啤酒輪廓。現在,而不是依靠5星級的評級,或閱讀一頁頁的書面評論,你可以很快看到很詳細的啤酒就像是整個社會都認為,並決定它是否適合您的個人品味,你買它之前。





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