Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo

  • 名稱:Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo
  • 版本:1.04
  • 分類:圖書與參考資源
  • 系統:2.2 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo介紹:

Billy's Coin Visits the Zoo

Billy’s mother gave him a coin to spend on a toy at the zoo, but when the day came, it slipped down the drain, leaving the little boy blue.

Now the coin is on an epic adventure at the zoo. From a chomping alligator to a bunch of crazy monkeys, Billy’s coin is going to meet all sorts of animals in this fun, interactive children’s story.

"Billy’s Coin Visits the Zoo delivers a lively animal romp filled with clever rhymes, crafty illustrations, and sassy interactions." 5 stars (out of 5) by Jinny Gudmunds en, Editor of Tech With Kids.

Follow the coin as it travels from animal to animal on it’s quest to return to Billy. This original, read-a-long story is sure to make your little animal lover smile .

• Engaging, hands-on exploration.
• Beautiful, hand-crafted artwork made from fabrics and textures.
• Male and Female narrators.
• Follow -along words highlight as the story is read.
• 12 animal toys to collect at the end of the story.
• Learn many fun facts about zoo animals. 比利的母親給了他一個硬幣花費在玩具在動物園,但是當這一天來了,就溜血本無歸,離開小男孩的藍色。


“比利的硬幣參觀動物園提供了一個生動的動物嬉戲充滿了巧妙的押韻,狡猾的插圖,和時髦的互動。” 5星(滿分5分)由JINNY Gudmundsen,科技的編輯有了孩子。



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