Clear Vision 2

  • 名稱:Clear Vision 2
  • 版本:1.0.3
  • 分類:街機
  • 系統:2.2 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:12 歲以上中度暴力, 輕度咒罵

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Clear Vision 2介紹:

Clear Vision 2

• As the sharpest hitman around, Tyler Smith gets the job done. But his career choice has forced him to face his greatest struggle yet, to get back what his heart desires the most. Snipe your way through 25 missions using a variety of guns and tools.

Grab your rifle and make sure to get a clear shot!

Feature Overview:

✓ Animated Cut Scenes
✓ Blood and Gore Animation
✓ Daily Newspaper
✓ 25 Missions
✓ 10 Weapons
✓ Wind and Distance Calculation
✓ Cool game world
✓ The follow up to "Clear Vision (17+)"
✓ Based on "Clear Vision" Flash Game

Visit us on Facebook •作為最銳利的殺手身邊,泰勒史密斯幹得不錯。但他的職業生涯的選擇,迫使他去面對他最大的鬥爭還沒有,要取回他的心臟的慾望之最。通過使用各種槍支和刀具的25項任務狙擊你的方式。



✓隨訪,以“明確的目標(17 +)”


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