Escape Before Mummy Returns

  • 名稱:Escape Before Mummy Returns
  • 版本:1.0.2
  • 分類:音樂
  • 系統:2.3 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Escape Before Mummy Returns介紹:

Escape Before Mummy Returns

Escape Before Mummy Returns is the new point and click escape, free escape game from ajazgames, your mummy has gone out for some shopping, mean while you are going out to play with your friends, you lose the house key out somewhere while playing with friends, find the second key by solving puzzles and finding clues .All the best,wish you good luck, have fun playing online free escape games from ajazgames. 逃離木乃伊歸來之前是新的指向和點擊逃脫,從ajazgames免費逃脫遊戲,你媽媽已經出去買點東西,意思是當你要與你的朋一起玩,你失去了房子的鑰匙某處同時與朋友一起玩,找到了解決難題和發現線索。所有最好的,祝你好運第二個關鍵,有樂趣從ajazgames玩在線免費逃生遊戲。

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