Get Gravel: Rally, Race, Drift

  • 名稱:Get Gravel: Rally, Race, Drift
  • 版本:1.0.5
  • 分類:賽車遊戲
  • 系統:2.0.1 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Get Gravel: Rally, Race, Drift介紹:

Get Gravel: Rally, Race, Drift

Get Gravel! from POLYGAMe digital is the ultimate arcade rally driving game for Android tablets and phones!

Got the need? The need for speed? How about a quick burn around a tropical island in a high-powered, 4WD rally machine? Perhaps a bit of drifting through the sun-drenched countryside, or a blast through ice and snow in your classic rally spec’d coupe? Love cars? Love speed? Love to get a bit sideways? We’ve got you covered, but just remember: Asphalt is for the weak. Get driving. Get drifting. Get some steelies. GET GRAVE L!


* Five playable rally car classes (can you unleash The Beast?)
* Multiple rally stages, across various exotic locales
* Five championship modes to complete
* Single stage mode – beat your best times and practice for the main events!
* Real rally car physics… well, real FUN rally car physics!
* Thumping metal soundtrack from Wackor, RKH and Necropolo
* Awesome 3D graphics, featuring dense forests and palm-filled beaches
* Multiple control modes
* Adjustable video options – tweak the performance to suit your device!
* Insane sideways rally racing, drifting action!!!

Right, now you know what it’s all about, so what are you waiting for? Get your rally on! Get racing! Get drifting! Get Gravel!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whilst Get Gravel! supports various resolutions to cover the majority of devic es, if you find none of them suit your phone/tablet perfectly, let us know and we’ll tr​​y to incorporate your gadget’s default mode. 獲取碎石!從POLYGAMe數字是最終的街機反彈賽車遊戲為Android平板電腦和手機!

有需要?對速度的需要?如何圍繞一個熱帶島嶼的快速燃燒在高動力,四驅拉力機?或許有點通過陽光普照農村,或通過冰雪爆炸在你的經典拉力跑車只具備漂流?愛汽車?愛的速度?愛變得有點側身?我們已經得到了你覆蓋,但是要記住:瀝青是弱者。獲取駕駛。獲取漂流。得到一些steelies。 GET GRAVEL!


*無廣告! NO IAP!無隱藏或額外費用!
*單級模式- 打敗你的最佳時間和實踐的主要事件!
從Wackor,RKH和Necropolo *怦配樂金屬
*可調節視頻選項- 調整到適合您的設備的性能!



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