GGRO Relationship Doubt (ROCD)

  • 名稱:GGRO Relationship Doubt (ROCD)
  • 版本:1.96
  • 分類:醫療
  • 系統:2.2 以上
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  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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GGRO Relationship Doubt (ROCD)介紹:

GGRO Relationship Doubt (ROCD)

Throw away negative thoughts. Approach positive ones. Learn to identify self talk and respond quickly. Train daily and improve. This is the core experience of GG Apps .

GG RO: Relationship Doubt & Obsession is the first of a series of apps we’re launching on a new and exciting platform named GG Apps. The app focuses on ROCD – relationship OCD.

It features:
– 15 free levels to learn, understand and improve.
– 1 free daily training level.
– In total, 45 levels including topics such as doubt, uncertaint y, regret and other relationship related statements.

The app has three main types of audiences:
1. People who suffer from relationship obsession (ROCD) and would like to improve their condition by training daily.
2. People who already had treatment for ROCD or related difficulties and want to prevent relapse.
3. People who are in relationships, want to be in a relationship, would like to improve their understanding of relationship related fears, doubts and obsession.

Group 1 & Group 2 will benefit from using the app as a therapy assisting tool. It can provide users with more information about their condition, as well as better understanding of how other people who suffer from similar doubts think and feel. Daily training can benefit by enhancing people’s ability to identify and respond to self-talk.

Group 2 can use the app to better understand the various types of relationship related self-talk we all experi ence daily. By discovery and training, we can all be better at how we analyse and respond to conflicts, situations and thoughts.

According to Associate Professor Guy Doron and his colleague Gur Ilany, the application developed (named ‘ GG Relationship’) was especially designed for dealing with relationship doubts and fears. The application is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – one of the most research-supported psychological therapies.

According to CBT models , negative self-talk – individuals’ ongoing interpretations of the self, others and the world – maintain psychological difficulties such as obsessive preoccupation, low mood, and maladaptive behaviors.

In ROCD, for instance, individuals negative self- talk often relates to fear of being in the wrong relationships or/and missing the ‘right’ relationship. Individuals with such fears will continuously say to themselves (in their heads) phrases such as ‘Maybe my part ner is not the ONE’, ‘He is not smart enough for me’ or ‘I will regret my decision to stay/leave with my partner forever’.

Such negative self-talk, of course, ultimately increases relationship doubts/fears, intensifies negative mood and often provokes relationship conflict.

GG Relationship’ was developed in order to provide an accessible CBT training platform that would allow individuals with relationship fears and doubts to better deal with negative self- talk. The application is designed to
(1) increase individuals’ awareness of negative self-talk.
(2) train individuals’ to better identify and challenge negative self-talk.
(3) increase individuals ‘ access to neutral and positive self-talk.
(4) increase the automaticity of the above processes.

To further strengthen learning of supportive self-talk, each level the player completes is followed by a small memory game in which one has to id entify a supportive statements that appeared in the previous level.

Training using this application, will hopefully allow for gradual, steady learning of more positive self-talk thereby helping to break the vicious thought cycle maintaining relationship doubts and preoccupations. 扔掉消極的想法。進場積極的。學會識別自己說話,迅速作出反應。每天的培養和提高。這是GG應用程序的核心經驗。

GG RO:關係懷疑和成見是第一個系列中,我們正在上一個名為GG應用新的和令人興奮的平台推出的應用程式。該應用程序側重於ROCD – 關係OCD。

– 15個免費的水平來學習,理解和提高。
– 1免費日常訓練水平。
– 總共45個級別,包括主題,如懷疑,不確定性,遺憾和其他關係有關的聲明。




據副教授蓋伊多倫和他的同事古爾Ilany,開發的應用(名為’GG關係’)是特別設計用於處理關係的疑慮和恐懼。該應用程序是基於認知行為療法(CBT)的原則 – 最支持的研究,心理療法之一。

據CBT模式,消極的自我對話 – 個人’不斷自我解釋,他人和世界 – 保持心理困難,如強迫性關注的問題,情緒低落,以及適應不良行為。



( 1)提高個人的消極的自我對話意識。



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