Hetty’s Hospital

  • 名稱:Hetty’s Hospital
  • 版本:0.0.64
  • 分類:醫療
  • 系統:4.0 以上
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  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Hetty’s Hospital介紹:

Hetty's Hospital

Hetty has a tummy ache and needs to go to hospital where she will have an ultrasound. This is the story of her visit to the hospital: she will learn all about what happens and even gets to give her stuffed toy an ultrasound.

In this first, full version, Hetty meets new friends: Priya, Charlie, and Freddie. They each need different imaging techniques, including X-Ray, MRI, and CAT scans.

Priya has a chest infection, Charlie has a broken leg, and Freddie has a concussion. We follow them through the hospital while they are looked after and play games to help you understand what might happen to them. You’ll also meet Pete the Porter, Nurse Ethel, and other characters in the hospital that will help the children get better.

An exciting and engaging way to help children reduce their anxiety when visiting the hospital.
Learn about: nebulisers, ultrasounds, MRI scanners, and CAT scans.
Games: Wee in a pot, Scan Dino, Fix Charlie’s Leg, Catch the Sick, and more!

Look out for our new stories in 2018, including Diabetes, Oncology/Cancer, Allergies, and Dentistry.

Based on the original idea of​​ Dr Ria Evans and Dr Rebecca Duncombe. Created by Global Initiative. Generously supported by NHS 2023 Challenge and The Initiative Fund. 海蒂有肚子疼,需要去醫院,她將有一個超聲波。這是她到醫院就診的故事:她會了解所有發生的事情,甚至獲得給她毛絨玩具的超聲波。





基於利雅埃文斯博士和麗貝卡·鄧庫姆博士的本意。由全球倡議創建。通過NHS 2023挑戰的主動性基金的慷慨支持。

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