Infiltrating the Airship

  • 名稱:Infiltrating the Airship
  • 版本:因裝置而異
  • 分類:休閒
  • 系統:因裝置而異
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Infiltrating the Airship介紹:

Infiltrating the Airship

Henry has been captured by the government, but they’ve offered him a deal. If Henry can help them take down the Toppat Clan, an international group of theives, his charges will be dropped. Henry will have to find a way into their airship and figure out a way to deal with the Toppats.

-Featuring 60 unique fails!

-Four different endings, each earning you a special rank.

-Even more achievements than Stealing the Diamond!

** Requires Adob​​e Air **

This game is the third in as eries of games. The first is called Escaping the Prison and the second is called Stealing the Diamond. 亨利已經抓獲的政府,但他們已經為他提供了一個交易。如果亨利能幫助他們取下來的Toppat氏族,theives的一個國際小組,他的指控將被丟棄。亨利將不得不找到一種方式進入自己的飛艇,並想出一個辦法來對付Toppats。

-Featuring 60獨特的失敗!

– 四個不同的結局,每個賺你一個特殊的排名。

– 即使不是偷鑽石取得更大的成就!

**需要Adobe Air **


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