• 名稱:Juminja
  • 版本:1.06
  • 分類:動作
  • 系統:4.0.3 以上
  • 官網:
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Juminja is very similar to one popular game. You shoot from a cannon with Ninjas; three of the same color put together explode. Faster colorful Ninjas appear and the game goes on at a higher speed.
Enjoy 20 unique levels of Panda on Ninja action, and don’t forget to alternate your tapping finger, we can’t be held responsible for how addicting this game is.
Do you want to know another secret? We had real Pandas played this game and they loved it! Juminja是非常相似的一個流行的遊戲。您從忍者大砲射擊;三個相同顏色放在一起爆炸。更快的多彩忍者出現,遊戲以更高的速度在繼續。

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