MagicLens Showcase

  • 名稱:MagicLens Showcase
  • 版本:2.1
  • 分類:程式庫與試用程式
  • 系統:2.3 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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MagicLens Showcase介紹:

MagicLens Showcase

Discover the potential of cutting-edge visualization technology for marketing and sales presentations. The demo version gives an impression of how MagicLens combines Augmented Reality, 3D animations and conventional media in one interactive tool for the presentation of products, services and companies.

This app features an Augmented Reality mode which allows users to experience the combination of a real 2D image with a virtual 3D overlay. A printed version of the image ( called “target”) is needed; the file is available for download here: http://

With starting the Augmented Reality mode of the app the user will be asked to aim the camera of the mobile device towards the printed target. Once the target is detected using image recognition technology the user can browse through multiple layers of information, views and media.
The app can also be used in an Interactive 3D mode without lack of functionality in case the printed target is not at hand. 探索前沿的可視化技術的市場營銷和銷售演示的潛力。演示版給人的MagicLens如何結合增強現實,3D動畫和傳統媒體的一個互動的工具,產品,服務和公司演示的印象。



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