Mannings HK

  • 名稱 : Mannings HK
  • 版本 : 1.0.0
  • 系統 : 2.2 以上
  • 官網 : Home
  • 內容分級 : 3 歲以上


軟體介紹 :

Mannings HK 香港No. 1健與美連鎖店萬寧手機程式!

萬寧電子Mann Card升級登場,繼續密密嘟,密密儲!

Mann Card會員專區除瞭可讓會員隨時查閱積分結餘、星級品牌獎賞計劃、獎賞推介、賺取積分及換領攻略,


Hong Kong's No.1 health and beauty chain store App!

Mannings' electronic Mann Card upgrade – tap more and save more!

The members area gives you convenient access to your Mann Card points balance, Stellar Brands Rewards Program, reward promotions as well as tips on earning and redeeming points. In addition, there's a new personalized electronic coupon section that's always ready to bring you exciting new offers!

Now you can even search through our Mannings branch network to find technical support, easily find the nearest Mannings branch and even have branch information and services all at a glance!

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