Mickey Roadster Toys

  • 名稱:Mickey Roadster Toys
  • 版本:1.1
  • 分類:漫畫
  • 系統:4.0 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Mickey Roadster Toys介紹:

Mickey Roadster Toys

This fun, educational, early learning video features Mickey Racers. In this funMickey and the Roadster Racers downhill racing video for kids, children will learn about 8 different Roadster Racers vehicles: Mickey Mouse’s Hot Rod, Donald Duck’s Cabin Cruiser, Pete’s Super Crusher, Daisy Duck’s Snapdragon, Goofy’s Turbo Tubster, Mickey Mouse’s Ramblin’ Rover, Minnie Mouse’s Pink Thunder, and Donald Duck’s Surfin’ Turf.

Don’t miss Giant Roadster Racers Surprise Eggs Unboxing, with lot of toys. Guess what interest ing toys hide inside the egg. Have fun learning about roadster racers as we continue our series of fun kid-friendly street vehicles videos for kids!

– Improved UI
– More Collection of toys unboxing 這個有趣,益智,早教視頻功能米奇賽車。在這個 funMickey和跑車賽車手為孩子速降視頻,孩子們將學習8種不同的跑車賽車的車輛: 米老鼠的熱棒,唐老鴨的小屋巡洋艦,皮特的超級破碎機,黛絲鴨的Snapdragon ,高飛的Turbo Tubster,米老鼠的Ramblin’羅孚,米妮的粉色雷,和唐老鴨的Surfin’草皮。

千萬不要錯過 巨跑車賽車出奇蛋的拆箱,有很多玩具。你猜怎麼著有趣的玩具隱藏蛋內。玩得開心學習敞篷跑車的車手,我們將繼續我們的系列為孩子們的樂趣兒童友好街車輛視頻!

– 改進的用戶界面
– 玩具拆箱的更多收藏

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