• 名稱:OpenLab.bones
  • 版本:2.0
  • 分類:醫療
  • 系統:4.0 以上
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  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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This comprehensive human skeletal system resource is an easy, interactive way to reference bone names and markings. Includes high quality skeletal photographs representing both the axial and appendicular skeleton. OpenLab.bones was created by educators at NC State University through BioCentric Media LLC, an NC State sponsored start-up. This app is a must have for human anatomy students, teachers, healthcare professionals, or anyone interested in learning more about the human body.

*Introductory price for a limited time: $7.99

Top Features:
•High qua lity, accurate information that visually emphasizes bone borders, regional bone markings, joints and associated cartilages
•Easy to use, intuitive interface allows you to interact with both images and text
•Variety of viewing options including the ability to easily rotate, cut, and change views
•Multiple navigation options including menu, full skeleton, regional, and film strip selection 這種骨骼系統全面的人力資源是一個簡單的,互動的方式來引用骨骼名稱和標記。包括軸向和附肢骨骼的高品質骨骼照片。在北卡羅萊納州立大學的教育工作者通過生命中心傳媒有限責任公司,北卡羅萊納州立贊助啟動創建OpenLab.bones。這個程序是一個必須有人體解剖學的學生,教師,醫護人員,或有興趣學習更多關於人體。

在有限的時間內入門價格:$ 7.99


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