Skillful Pixel Dungeon

  • 名稱:Skillful Pixel Dungeon
  • 版本:0.3.9
  • 分類:角色扮演
  • 系統:2.3 以上
  • 官網:
  • 內容分級:12 歲以上中度暴力

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Skillful Pixel Dungeon介紹:

Skillful Pixel Dungeon

Skillful Pixel Dungeon is based on Pixel Dungeon created by Watabou.

The game is exactly like the original, except it adds a skill system. Each class has 6 unique passive skills and 3 unique active skills.

SPD is now on GitHub:
Wiki link: -Skillful_Pixel_Dungeon

Skills, champions and mercenaries. Skill Pixel Dungeon tries to stay loyal to vanilla PD while still adding its own flare.

Capture the essence of mobs and use the m as servants!

More than 40 skills, 4 classes, 4 types of champions and 5 types of mercenaries. If you like any Pixel Dungeon game, then you will definitely like this one.

Campaigns and scenarios are being added 熟練像素地牢是基於Watabou創建像素地牢。







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