Wrecked (Island Survival Sim)

  • 名稱:Wrecked (Island Survival Sim)
  • 版本:1.090
  • 分類:冒險
  • 系統:4.0 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:16 歲以上極度暴力

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Wrecked (Island Survival Sim)介紹:

Wrecked (Island Survival Sim)

See how long you can survive on an island full of wildlife – and even wilder people! Compete for resouces with a new 2-handed control system that doubles the ways you can interact with the world around you – putting the power to create or destroy in your own hands. Explore the island’s 10 unique locations long enough to solve the mystery of why you’re there – and what lies on the other side of the ocean…

While the game is mostly free to play, you can upgrade to "1st Class" to save your changes to your character and eve ry other. This also removes ads and increases your chances of surviving death to ensure you live your life to the fullest!

Players of previous games may need to take the time to adjust to the new control system, which distinguishes between the left or right hands:

* The RED fist buttons allow you to ATTACK from either side.

* The BLUE hand buttons allow you to PICK-UP or DROP with either hand (hold a direction to THROW).

+ Pressing BOTH buttons on either SIDE will attempt to USE what is in that hand – such as eating food or reading books (notice that some actions may cause you to swap hands to use them properly).

+ Pressing BOTH pick-up buttons together will COMBINE the objects you have in each hand or nearby on the ground. Both hands can also be used to pick up larger furniture – such as rafts – so long as they are empty and there is nothing closer to handle.

+ Pre ssing BOTH attack buttons together will attempt to GRAB your opponent (press again to release or any other combination of buttons to execute moves).

+ DOUBLE-TAP any direction to RUN.

– Touch the HEALTH METER to SLEEP when your energy is low.

– Touch the CLOCK to PAUSE – where you can exit or access other options.

I regret that there’s more to this game than could ever be explained here, so please look out for additional hints in the game itself – or join the discussion on social media:
www.youtube.com/MDickieDotcom 見多久,你可以在一個充滿野生動物的生存島- 甚至狂野的人!爭奪resouces與雙打你可以用你周圍的世界互動的方式一個新的2手控制系統 – 將創建或在你自己的手中毀滅的權力。探索島上的10個獨特的位置足夠長的時間來解決的,為什麼你的存在之謎- 什麼位於大洋彼岸……





+按下兩邊兩個按鈕將嘗試使用的是在手 – 如進食或閱讀書籍(注意一些操作可能會導致你手中交換到正確地使用它們)。

+同時按回升按鈕一起將結合你在每手或附近地面上有對象。雙手也可以用於拾取較大家具 – 如筏 – 只要它們是空的,並沒有什麼更接近處理。



– 觸摸保健儀睡覺的時候你的能量低。

– 觸摸的時鐘暫停 – 在這裡你可以退出或訪問其他選項。

我很遺憾,有更多的這場比賽比以往任何時候都可以在這裡解釋,所以請當心額外的提示在遊戲本身- 或加入社交媒體的討論:
www.facebook .com/MDickieFans

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