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  • 提供者: Denis Ivanov

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‎Dubstep Electro PadsDubstep Electro Pads
Dubstep Electro Keys – a game application where you can, like a DJ made a sharp bit to your taste directly to your phone! Plug in your headphones or speakers to the phone to complete your sound steep mega bits! Always wanted to come up with your music? Write a hit and do not download any other program? This is now possible with our unique app! We have collected for you the best samples and are now ready to share with you! Play on your phone as this DJ equipment! Recording, Saving, Tips, many new different bits and samples! Safe Mode, Easy, Difficult and What's New! Beautiful animation and cool sound combinations!
Music is a state of mind, come up with your unique ringtone! Will appeal to all! Benefit both the phone and the tablet! Share your tunes on the theme of the bass drum or electro melody! In this application you will find every man for himself its own unique bits, which in combination provide not indifferent to anyone music!
Start your career DJ now completely free! You can use it anywhere, even without an internet connection! Play at home, work or even when riding the subway to school or to college! Attention joke game created for pranks and absolutely safe for your health!
Thank you for playing our games! Leave us feedback and we will try to make our games better!

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