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A message from Dogmelon:

"We're connected to each other more than ever before, but that can leave us feeling busy all the time.

Are you taking some time for yourself?

And what do you do with those little moments of time you get each day, when you're waiting for something or someone. Check your phone? Now what?

5 Solitaire Games is perfect for these moments.

The screen is simple, uncluttered. Play is relaxing, calming.

The games are challenging enough to encourage you to actually focus, and concentrate. Time passes.

Playing Solitaire each day is one small thing you can do to keep your brain sharp, and your mind relaxed."

About the game

Why limit yourself to one type of solitaire, when you can enjoy 5 different solitaire games- for free?

This set is ideal for Solitaire lovers:

• 5 fun solitaire games to play – so you don't get bored
• Big, readable cards, so you don't have to squint.
• Easy to play – so the cards move how *YOU* want. We have spent more than 10 years listening to our customers, and watching how they play. Some people like to drag each card, some people like to just click. We fit in with your style.
• Detailed help to learn new games – so you can keep challenging yourself.
• Wide range of attractive cardbacks and backgrounds. You change your look — the game can too.
• HD Retina display support – so the cards look gorgeous.
• Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
• Full Undo/Redo, to help solve those tricky solitaire games.
• Fireworks when you finish a game – our famous end-game to reward you for good play.
• Switch between games – it remembers where you were up to in each game.
• Relaxing sound effects
• Statistics so you can keep track of how much you're winning.
• Challenges that let you unlock more free solitaire games (Such as Spider Solitaire, and Tri Peaks Solitaire) if you pass them.

Games available are…

• Klondike (This is regular solitaire, also sometimes called 'Patience')
• Golf Solitaire
• Freecell (A fun solitaire that became popular in Windows 95)
• Duchess
• Pyramid Solitaire (A solitaire with a very distinct layout)
• Yukon
• Corona Solitaire

Don't download 5 different apps! Get all these games for free in one single app, with a clean, consistent style.

You can download now, and be playing in less than a minute.

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