Car DVR & GPS navigator

  • 名稱:Car DVR & GPS navigator
  • 版本:0.0.87
  • 分類:旅遊與地方資訊
  • 系統:4.0.3 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Car DVR & GPS navigator介紹:

Car DVR & GPS navigator

CamOnRoad is a free dash cam application for your smartphone, transforming it into the advanced car DVR with GPS navigation features based on augmented reality. You no longer need to buy a separate dash cam to improve your road safety or to buy a separate GPS navigation device to reach your destination. Use CamOnRoad application for both purposes: as the car blackbox and as the awesome video-navigation system . Moreover speed cameras notifications are available in the app. No more fines from speedcams.

CamOnRoad App can store your video not only into SD-card of your smartphone but into secure cloud storage too. We give 2 GB of cloud space absolutely free to every registered user forever. It’s more than 3 hours of your road video.

CamOnRoad can capture video in background mode. You can use your phone as usual: WhatsApp, surfing Internet or make calls (using hands free) and capturing the video in the same time! Also you can use this car cam application like a spy cam!

We don’t show any ADS and CamOnRoad is completely free car cam app. If you like the application please rate us or make a small review. Thanks in advance! We love you so much! =) CamOnRoad是您的智能手機免費破折號凸輪的應用程序,把它變成了先進的車載DVR基於增強現實的GPS導航功能。您不再需要購買一個單獨劃線的凸輪來提高您的行車安全還是買單獨的GPS導航儀到達目的地。使用CamOnRoad應用程序有兩種用途:作為汽車黑盒,並作為真棒視頻導航系統。此外高速攝影機通知在應用程序可用。沒有更多的罰款從speedcams。

CamOnRoad應用程序可以存儲你的視頻不僅為SD卡智能手機,但到安全的雲存儲了。我們給予2 GB的雲空間絕對的自由永遠每個註冊用戶。這是3個多小時的路的視頻。


我們不顯示任何廣告和CamOnRoad是完全免費的汽車凸輪的應用程序。如果你喜歡的應用程序,請率我們還是做一個小的審查。在此先感謝!我們愛你這麼多! =)

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