Hidden Numbers – Free

  • 名稱:Hidden Numbers – Free
  • 版本:4
  • 分類:益智
  • 系統:2.3 以上
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  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Hidden Numbers – Free介紹:

Hidden Numbers - Free

Hidden Numbers is a new and original educational puzzle game in which you will practice Math and counting numbers in an entertaining and challenging way! Education has never been such fun!

The game is as all the other games of ours 100% free full version, does not contain any In-App purchases and is suitable for all ages.

The game does not contain any sounds or music, so you can comfortably listen to your favorite music while solving the Math puzzles.

The goal of the game is simple: Find all the numbers above the board as fast as possible!

Game modes:
– Find Numbers – simply find all the numbers above the board! It’s similar to playing word search games, only here you are looking for numbers instead of words! To select the number just slide it over with your finger.
– Count with help – you will practice adding in this game mode. Add the numbers by sliding over them and get the results above the board! There will be shown a help (overall result of your adding) at the top of the screen.
– Count Expert – Add the numbers by sliding over them and get the results above the board! No help provided.

* An original Math game in which you will practice numbers and their counting in entertaining way
* Each game is different
* Similar to word search games, but you must find here numbers instead of words
* Change background color of the game – press COLOR button in the bottom left corner during the gameplay
* Global leaderboards included – compare your score withother people from all around the world
* Share your score with friends and family via Facebook, google+ and other social networks
* Fun puzzle game for all ages
* 100% free + does not contain any In- App purchases
* Offline mode – you don’t need to be connected to the internet to play the game

Have a nice time playing Hidden Numbers and if you like the game and want to support it so please leave a review and rate the game. Thank you for your support!

If you find any bug, please let us know at [email protected], we will be very happy to fix it!

Support links:
Website: http://www.littlebigplay.com/
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlebigplay 隱藏號碼是一個新的和原有的教育益智遊戲中,你將練習數學和計算的數字在娛樂性和挑戰性的方式!教育從來沒有這樣的樂趣!




– 查找號碼 – 只需找到板上方所有的數字!它類似於玩文字遊戲搜索,只有在這裡你正在尋找的數字,而不是的話!選擇數字只是你的手指滑動過來。
– 計數的幫助 – 你會練習添加在這種遊戲模式。通過滑動在他們添加的數量,並獲得董事會上述結果!有將顯示一個幫助在屏幕的頂部(您的加入總的結果)。
– 計數專家 – 滑動在他們添加的數量,並獲得董事會上述結果!沒有提供幫助。

在遊戲中的左下角按彩色按鈕- *遊戲的更改背景顏色
*全球排行榜包括- 你的分數與其他人來自世界各地的比較
* 100%免費+不包含任何應用內購買
*離線模式- 你並不需要連接到互聯網玩遊戲


如果您發現任何錯誤,請讓我們知道[email protected],我們將非常高興地修復它!

電子郵件:[email protected]
Facebook的:https://www.facebook.com /littlebigplay

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