League of Gamers – Be an E-Sports Legend!

  • 名稱:League of Gamers – Be an E-Sports Legend!
  • 版本:1.1.5
  • 分類:體育競技
  • 系統:4.1 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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League of Gamers – Be an E-Sports Legend!介紹:

League of Gamers - Be an E-Sports Legend!

This is your origin story as the most legendary player in e-sport history! Rise from small local competitions to full-blown game-paloozas around the world, displaying your champion tapping talents like a real gaming pro!

• WIN small competitions to rise through the E-Sports ranks and take on bigger challenges around the world!
• PLAY and master genres like MOBA, FPS, Strategy and Sport and defend your ranking as Top Gamer!
• BUILD a killer squad, recruiting only the best e- athletes to join you on your quest. Guide them to greatness and feel the rush of ganking on your competitors with a kickass team!
• BUFF your setup to champion level, taking your computer and gaming gear to god-tier levels of awesomeness to keep your winning streak fired-up!
• BOOST your e-sports prowess with different relics that will drive your foes to ragequit matches in frustration!
• BATTLE squads and top pro gamers from all corners of the world and live the dream of every e-athlete ever: getting rich while gaming all day!

Bring your best strategy to the fray and prepare the best builds of your mains: only your A-Game will do if you want to reach the top-tier tournaments! Don’t be afraid to crank up your squad’s aggro and gank your rivals with no mercy! There might be some vendetta-fueled “1v1 me bro” messages for you when you’re done, though, but the more battles, the better!

After winning big competition s, you’ll have the cash to build that champion setup every e-sports fan dreamsof, which will give you the power to take on world-level challenges in every game you wish to try! There will be videos shot and guides written about your gear of legends!

There is no cooldown time for e -sports heroes. Power up your ultimate skills and join the League of Gamers now!

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Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money. 這是你的起源故事中最傳奇球員在電子競技的歷史!來自小地方的競爭上升到世界各地全面的遊戲paloozas,顯示你的英雄攻像一個真正的遊戲人才親!


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