Stealing the Diamond

  • 名稱:Stealing the Diamond
  • 版本:1.0.3
  • 分類:休閒
  • 系統:2.3 以上
  • 官網: Home
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Stealing the Diamond介紹:

Stealing the Diamond

Now that Henry has escaped from prison it’s time for him to get back out there and make (read: steal) some money. A local museum has recently unveiled it’s latest exhibit , the Tunisian Diamond. Help Henry decide which ways to get into the museum and steal the diamond!

-Features 40 unique fails!

-Three different endings, you could keep it low key, or charge in!

-Fail menus make it easy to go back to the previous choice and see all the possible scenarios!

-Achievements will give you that extra little thing to hunt for!

This game is the sequel to Escaping the Prison. Get it here: en 現在,亨利從監獄逃脫它的時候,他從這裡走出去,使(閱讀:偷)點錢。當地博物館已最近推出了它的最新展覽,突尼斯鑽石。幫助亨利決定哪些方式進入博物館偷鑽石!

-features 40獨特的失敗!

– 三個不同的結局,你可以保持低調,或負責!




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