Tibetan Singing Bowls – Pro

  • 名稱:Tibetan Singing Bowls – Pro
  • 版本:5.0
  • 分類:健康塑身
  • 系統:4.0.3 以上
  • 官網:
  • 內容分級:3 歲以上

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Tibetan Singing Bowls – Pro介紹:

Tibetan Singing Bowls - Pro

The application includes 7 chakras melodies with color therapy visualization that helps you meditate , you receive double chakras stimulation , by hearing and by viewing , this is called chromotherapy.

Singing bowls (also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls, rin gongs or suzu gongs) are a type of bell, specifically classified as a standing bell. Rather than hanging inverted or attached to a handle, singing bowls sit with the bottom surface resting, and the rim vibrates to produce sound characterized by a fundamental frequency (first harmonic) and usually two audible h armonic overtones (second and third harmonic).
Singing bowls are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. Singing bowls were historically made throughout Asia, especially Nepal, China and Japan. They are closely related to decorative bells made along the Silk Road from the Near East to Western Asia. Today they are made in Nepal, India, Japan, China and Korea.

The chakras are:
Muladhara – root chakra music & red color therapy.
Swadhisthana – sacral chakra music & orange color therapy.
Manipura – solar plexus chakra music & yellow color therapy.
Anahata – heart chakra music & green color therapy.
Vishuddha – throat chakra music & blue color therapy.
Ajna – third eye chakra music & purple color therapy.
Sahasrara – crown chakra music & violete color therapy. 該應用程序包括7脈輪帶色彩療法的可視化,可以助你冥想,你獲得雙倍查克拉刺激,通過聽覺和通過觀看,這就是所謂的色光的旋律。


海底輪 – 根脈輪音樂和紅色治療。
Swadhisthana – 骶脈輪音樂和橙色治療。
馬尼普拉 – 太陽神經叢輪音樂和黃色彩療法。
在心輪 – 心臟脈輪音樂和綠色療法。
喉輪 – 喉輪音樂和藍色治療。
眉心 – 第三隻眼輪音樂和紫色治療。
Sahasrara – 頂輪音樂和violete色彩療法。

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