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‎Angry Gran Radioactive RunWill Angry Gran get out of the radioactive city alive?

You’ve escaped the asylum in Angry Gran Run and driven the doctors way past the brink of insanity themselves. They've stepped it up a notch and have gone nuclear! Now it’s time to escape the radioactive city before Angry Gran becomes Atomic Gran! Dodge, jump, run and slide your way over the nuclear nasties on the last bridge out of town before it’s too late!

= Infinity Mode =
– Run to Infinity… and farther! –
Compete with your friends for the highest, most biohazardous score!
Becomes increasingly difficult the better you are!
Creates a different every time for hours of radioactive fun!

= Random Mode =
– Can you last through the Granny Gauntlet? –
Generates a crazy random level for you to dodge and weave your way through!
Retry the same level over and over until you win or you completely meltdown!

= Mission Mode =
– 21 BIohazardous levels of Radioactive fun! –

21 intense levels packed with assorted obstacles
Challenging for players of all skill levels

Classy costumes – Unlock awesome costumes to dash over the city in style!
Competitive Leaderboards – Show your friends who is the most
geriatric with Game Center Integration
Social Integration – Brag and boast when you complete levels and shatter high scores to your Facebook and Twitter minions.
Crazy Graphics – A myriad of bombs, booths, benches, boxes, boom
boxes, bins and other things that don't begin with B to dodge.

Will you get out alive? Find out now for free in Angry Gran Radioactive Run!

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