Big 2 Fairyland: Journey to the West Lite iPhone/iPad版


  • 免費
  • 分類: 遊戲
  • 發佈時間: 01 December 2009
  • 版本: 1.0
  • 大小: 12.7 MB
  • Language: English
  • 開發商: Joymaster Corporation

限制 4+

兼容性: Requires iOS 2.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


 Attention! Hold on to your iPhone! Challenge the monkey, the monk, or even the vicious but cute villains from the classic story “Journey to the West”! Your enemies’ funny moves will drag you down! Focus on winning and ignore those distractions!
 Don’t just win. Win with skill! Challenge different ways of winning and collect the classic gadgets in the story!
 Play it like the normal Big 2 game, only you may change the settings by yourself! Bet big or play small. It’s all up to you!
 Don’t know how to play? No worry, we got the best tutorial for you!
What are you waiting for?

 表情逗趣可愛的西遊角色,親自上桌挑戰你的牌技
 每個角色都有獨特的誇張動作,絕對給你意想不到的娛樂效果!!請註意!!請抓好你的手機,不要笑到噴機
 傳統臺灣大老二規則玩法,還可以自由調整賠率大小,看是要慢慢玩,還是要來場豪賭,都給你自由調整啦!
 俯45度角的真實視野與超大尺寸的撲克牌設計,近乎真實的臨場感;同時提供你二種操作方式,可選擇真實的打牌手感,也可使用iPhone獨特的觸控操作,都給你身歷其境的虛擬打牌環境
 最詳盡的牌型組合方式與玩法介紹,搭配淺顯易懂的圖片說明,讓你超快上手
 贏牌固然重要,贏的漂亮可不是那麼簡單,想挑戰自己的打牌牌技嗎?多種贏牌方式提供你挑戰,挑戰成功還可收集西遊記中的經典道具!!

iPhone 遊戲截圖

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