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‎Coin Kingdom 3 Up to 1000 coins move realistically. A lot of coins come down like a shower when the numbers in the slot are match. Turn the slot with the arrow light aiming at the coin. Let's drop the coin with multiple fingers and adjust the speed and connect the combo. In addition, various coin towers appear with winning four marks in front, and five kinds of color coins activate special effects.

■ When 3 or more numbers are match, coins are paid out as a prize. If 9 numbers are match, the prize is 10000 coins. If the number is 7, double prize, furthermore the prize multiplier is up to 15 times according to spin points!
■ Red Magic or Rainbow Chance occurs randomly and helps to match numbers.

■ Five types of special coins
Blue Coin: 15 free spins in 7 FEVER mode. The Blue Coin is payed out when the blue 7 stops at the line.
Black Coin: Lit the card marks for 10 seconds. Please try with flick! Continuous coin tower bonus is possible!
Bronze Coin: 30 points added to spin points.
Green Coin: Activate the side pusher for 30 seconds.
Red Coin: Up to four can be held and the red lamp lights up. Raise the effect of Red Magic!

■ Game Center registration recommended
19 kinds of world rankings, 5 stages 13 kinds of achievements, badge collection!

■ Let's try the automatic play robot Bot3-APx too!

■ Tips for the Combo: fast touches or light flicks with more than 3 fingers!

■ VIP Passport (available for purchase at Shop, recommended)
It increases the effects of special coins by 20% forever.
Black coin: The lighting of the card mark, usually 10 seconds to 12 seconds
Copper coin: Rotation points, usually 30 to 36
Green coin: Activate the side pusher, usually 30 seconds to 36 seconds

■ Automatic Play Robot Bot3-APx
You can purchase and upgrade with the saved coins. The performance of taps and flicks increase as the grade . Automatic play can be turned on / off with the icon on the bottom right of the game screen. Repair is necessary if it breaks.

■ Load
The upper limit of the number of coins that can be dropped continuously.

■ iPad multitasking gesture
Gesture suffers when you flick with more than 4 fingers.
Settings> General> Multitasking gestures will be turned off and will work smoothly.

■ Support
[email protected]

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