‎Doodoo Pad: casual paint draw

‎Doodoo Pad: casual paint draw(Android、iOS)

  • App : ‎Doodoo Pad: casual paint draw iOS版,Android版
  • 提供者: Guoyan Han

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‎Doodoo Pad: casual paint draw 介紹

‎Doodoo Pad: casual paint drawMore than 14 amazing brushes to turn you into artist. Such as glow/neon brush, rainbow brush, crayon brush, oil brush, etc.

Doodle progress is full of unexpected fun, as each brush and color are intentionally randomly selected. Every stroke is just like a magic.

Doodoo pad also supports to load photos from phone/pad album to freely paint on.

Amazing feature of "Movie" mode can play back the drawing, just like a video clip. With this attractive feature, family can share the pleasure with each other when watch how the drawing is created stroke by stroke.

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