‎Joko's Pocket Planet (Lite)

‎Joko’s Pocket Planet (Lite)(Android、iOS)

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‎Joko’s Pocket Planet (Lite)安卓版下載

‎Joko’s Pocket Planet (Lite) 介紹

‎Joko's Pocket Planet (Lite)This version will give you a taste of Pocket Planet!

Joko's alien friends have gotten lost!

Fly as Joko over the earth, matching countries and landmarks, following clues, racing along famous voyages, dodging obstacles, all while exploring our beautiful blue dot.

Pocket Planet the award winning fun geography game that will expand your knowledge of geography while driving you slightly nuts trying to find Lesotho. (Yes, it really is a landlocked country shaped something like a well-chewed apple core and completely surrounded by South Africa).

Good luck –and we’ll see you in beautiful downtown N'Djamena.


Adventure Mode – A story with multiple varied games and travel paths

Challenges – Test your knowledge of Countries, Cultures, Capital Cities, Flags, and Landmarks

Treehouse – Collect moving custom aliens and stickers that can be arranged at Joko's home

Joko's World Pocket Planet has been made with curriculum standards as a focus.

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