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  • 提供者: Jiang Xianjian

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‎Jumpy CrossCountry 介紹

‎Jumpy CrossCountryMonsterTruck cross country + LowRider jumping = Ultra cool and fun Bigfoot LowRider Off-road Adventure 3D Game! Install big strong wheels and fierce hydraulic jumping system in supercar! When you drive such a monster to leap over various obstacles and valleys elegantly, you should watch out kinds of dangerous traps and monsters which can jump too and have strong aggression! The wheels which are like iron fists are your peerless weapons! And there are also various props and luxury obstacle supercar for you to strike, crush and destroy! The fierce tumbling, impact, jump, eruption and explosion of cars, spark splash, fragments flying, dust raising, plus retina high-definition display and vivid sound effect all of these absolutely can make you so high!

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