Mahjong Fairyland Lite iPhone/iPad版


  • 免費
  • 分類: 遊戲
  • 發佈時間: 27 March 2009
  • 版本: 1.0
  • 大小: 42.8 MB
  • Language: English
  • 開發商: Joymaster Corporation

限制 12歲以上,因為以下原因:

兼容性: Requires iOS 2.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


**First of all, THANK YOU for everyone who downloaded our games and your valuable comments. Our development team are working hard right now to ensure you a better game experience. We will provide you with an update as soon as possible that will satisfied your needs and fix any possible bugs that we have. **

**感謝各位玩傢的寶貴意見, 我們的研發團隊已經在努力趕工當中, 將會以最快的速度提供更新版本, 一並滿足大傢的需求和解決可能的問題.**

Flip & Win Them All!
You should’ve known it’s a big mistake to enter the fairyland with your fancy iPhone. All the bed-time story characters suddenly turn into greedy monsters and try to steal it from you. A simple mahjong game is all it takes to protect your iPhone. Hurry and collect the tile you need and flip your iPhone to win!

* Classic Taiwan-style 16-tile Mahjong.
* With the motion-sensor feature of your iPhone, discard and win just like you’re playing real Mahjong!
* Cute characters from bed-time stories. Their cute moves and voice will keep you hooked to the game!
* Supports English, 簡體中文(Simplified Chinese),and 繁體中文(Traditional Chinese).

* 極富樂趣的正宗臺灣16張麻將玩法
* 模擬最真實的打牌操作方式,讓你丟牌、胡牌都像來真的一樣
* 超可愛的童話人物大集合,配合生動有趣的動作,同時加入瞭人物語音,讓你玩牌一點都不無聊

『Mahjong Fairyland』- the hottest Mahjong game on iPhone!!
『Mahjong Fairyland』- detailed introduction and instructions of Mahjong with images. Learn and win in just 10 minutes!
『Mahjong Fairland』- simulates the real Mahjong gameplay with the motion-sensor feature of your iPhone. You can discard and win like you’re playing real mahjong!!
Plus, the 45 degree viewing angle and delicate Mahjong tile design gives you the realistic Majong experience!
『Mahjong Fairyland』- play with characters from the bed-time story! Their cute moves and voice gives you the most entertaining effect!!

iPhone 遊戲截圖

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