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  • 提供者: Javier Sanchez

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‎Match My Music !  Match My Music! is inspired by the classic memory game but uses music instead of images to recognize and match items.

You will improve your hearing, memory and attention skills while rediscovering your own music.

The game uses random songs from your iPod Music Library, which allows you to enjoy your own music while playing the game.

You will find 10 different levels for the iPad version and 5 levels for the iPhone/iPod Touch version. Attention is important, especially when you have 300 items to match!!

Try it out, and you will be surprised how fast you can recognize a music item, even if you have thousands of songs in your music library. Our brain is really amazing!

You can play alone or compete with another player, but remember that each device uses its own music library! Try to play with your friend’s device to see how fast you are matching music that you have never heard before.

Special care has been taken with the app graphic content. Background images, customized buttons and other details give the user an incredible experience while playing. The artwork has been created by Fernando Arahuetes. The artist shows some samples of his watercolor series of San Francisco Castro neighborhood.
More information about the author at: www.arahuetes.com

I hope that you enjoy playing the game so much as I did developing it.

I am willing to know how this game would attract visually impaired people.
Please send me your feedback with comments and new ideas that would be added to the app.

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