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  • App : ‎Ossan Train Stuffing! iOS版,Android版
  • 提供者: COMCEPT, K.K.

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‎Ossan Train Stuffing! 介紹

‎Ossan Train Stuffing!From comcept, the makers of "Boiling OSSAN Eggs!",comes the second game in the OSSAN series!

Stuff all the OSSAN (middle-aged Japanese men) into the train!
It's a simple, new experience puzzle game!
It's OSSAN Train Stuffing!

It's easy to play!
Stuff as many OSSAN as you can into the train!
Enjoy the feeling of hearing their voices and seeing their reactions as you stuff them in!

No bad manners allowed!
Annoying OSSAN getting in the way of your train stuffing?
Then kick them off the train!
Some of them aren't even OSSAN, but…

Aim to conquer all the train routes!
There are 100 train stations you can play!
Stuff OSSAN all across the country!

Collect all the OSSAN!
The OSSAN you've stuffed appear in the picture book.
There are 100 individual OSSAN to collect!
Of course, the OSSAN from OSSAN Boiling Eggs!
make their appearance here too!

Tips & Tricks:
OSSAN of the same type will stick together.
Collect a bunch, stuff them in, and watch your score and combo increase!
Furthermore, when you get a 10-combo,
The "girl" that all the OSSAN can stick to will appear!
You can stuff a large number of OSSAN this way!

Use items to help you out!
If you're stuck on a tough stage,
you can use items that help out with the train stuffing!
They're convenient and easy to use!


Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation).
Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


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Visit these official OSSAN Eggs sites:



In addition to game information, we also have a fun comic you can read on these sites!
Feel free to leave your comments or impressions!


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feel free to give these apps a try!

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Have fun with the OSSAN series!

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