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‎Standard Chinese Chess Lite(Android、iOS)

  • App : ‎Standard Chinese Chess Lite iOS版,Android版
  • 提供者: AWENIX

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‎Standard Chinese Chess Lite** HD Version now on sales : http://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/id378736116?mt=8 **

Standard Chinese Chess game play is same Chinese chess, Standard Chinese Chess is specifically design for iPhone and iPod Touch, This aim of Standard Chinese Chess is make the game fun, and give you a brand new experience in chinese chess.

Game features:
– very high quality graphics
– play against the computer
– auto save load
– show computer last move
– show player legal move
– undo

Game play:
1. new game with multi level
2. use any tactics to eat the enemy king
incase you move wrong, click the river to cancel the move, before computer thinking process
after computer moved, you can use “undo” feature, be careful, you got 3 chance “undo”
5. the game end when any “general” was dead

標準 象棋 的玩法跟傳統中國棋類遊戲一樣 標準象棋 是特別為 iPhone 和 iPod Touch 設計, 標準象棋的目的 是令到傳統的象棋便加好玩, 給你一個全新的象棋經驗

自動 保存 和 讀出
– 顯示電腦 最後一步
– 顯示 合法 移動
– 悔棋

選擇等級 開始新局
用所有的方法 把敵方的棋吃掉
若果你不小心行錯瞭, 在電腦 思考完之前 可以按 “楚河漢界”,
在電腦移動之後 你可以用 “悔棋” 功能, 但要小心使用, 你隻有 3 次機會
當 「帥」或「將」被吃掉之後 整個棋局就會結束

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