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‎Tap Tap Beats music game(Android、iOS)

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  • 提供者: MWM

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‎Tap Tap Beats music game 介紹

‎Tap Tap Beats music gameGuide your Unicorn on dangerous paths. Listen carefully to the beat and play to the music, or you'll fall off! Will you find your way through outer space?!

Will you and your Unicorn reach the end of the road?! And what about your friends, will they beat you?

Who will be the best Unicorn rider?

*Play on epic music

*Evolve your Unicorn! Watch it upgrade with awesome skins and armors

*Try to beat your friends score

*Get daily gifts and rewards

*Enjoy hundreds of levels of increasing difficulty

*Discover our magical universes: SkyHigh, NebuLane, SpaceOpera and PopOdyssey!

*Test your nerves with the Survival mode! Miss one step, and you're back to square one. Better be good!

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