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  • 提供者: Yeqing Lu

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‎The End Escape 2012★#1 Free Racing game in 31 Countries and Top 10 Free game in 53 Countries!★

"Speed freaks dream!"

"Ohhhh yeah, this app can rule the world!"

"You gotta be 100% concentrate while playing this game. Many tasks await you! FUN!"

"Nice idea. I like this app, it's bright and colorful, but most important is its

"I have a lot of apps and this is by far the best!!!"

As predicted, the end of the world 2012 is coming. The earth is shocking and the sky is burning. Get into your car, and start your end escape!

★Incredible Cartoon Style Render graphics
★Unique gamemode but easy to play
★Atmosphere of doomsday:falling stones,cracked earth, flying saucers, and the terminator!
★Various powerful upgrades and items

★9 super cool cars for you to choose:
☆No.7—-The "borrowed" car with a "7" mark on its top.It own the LOOT skill.
☆Knight—- Weave through the traffic like the knight,with excellent steering ability.
☆Blue Frog—-The power makes your blood boiling! The car can jump up to the sky!
☆Miracle Flier—-A flying car made by aliens!
☆Doom Bringer—- Accomplice of the end, keen to destruction.
☆Lightening Sprint—-A Lamborghini reformed by aliens with unimaginable acceleration and ability.
☆Shadow Shuttle—-The ride of demon. Just like a specter shuttling on the earth.
☆The Terminator—-It can destroy anything on your way!
☆The Savior—- Do you want to drive it to save the world?

No traffic regulation, No law,release your all desires, and run amuck!

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