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‎TriPeaks Solitaire AdventureCome play our free solitaire game!

TriPeaks Solitaire Adventure is a modern upgrade to the traditional solitaire games. Here, we've taken the rules for TriPeaks Solitaire and we've built a ton of levels that you can progress through. The patterns and difficulty of the levels change as you advance, so you'll always be improving and will always be challenged.

TriPeaks solitaire is sometimes referred to as Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, Golf, and Tower Solitaire. But they are not the same game. TriPeaks, or Tri-Peaks Solitaire is the card matching game where you try to match a card with one value higher or lower to clear the table.

– Free to play
– Hundreds of levels!
– No ads!
– And a bunch of treasures to find!

The game rules are pretty easy, but can be hard to master. First, a standard deck of cards is shuffled and dealt onto the table.. or floating in the air in this case 🙂 Most of the cards are dealt face-down, while a few are positioned face-up.

The remaining cards are placed in a pile near the bottom-left. This is your "stock pile". It's where you can draw new cards.

The first card from the stock pile is drawn and placed face-up near the bottom-center. This is called your "waste pile".

The goal is to remove all of the cards from the table by matching each card with a top card in the waste pile. The rules for matching are simple; cards match if they are one value higher or lower than the one in the waste pile. So, a 3 matches with a 4 or a 2. And a 6 matches with a 7 or 5. The suit of the card (hearts, clubs, diamond, clovers) doesn't matter.

Aces match with Kings and 2's.

Wildcards (placed at the bottom-right) are special cards to help you when you get into a jam. Wildcards will match any card on the table. They are super-helpful, but you only have a few of them so be careful not to blow them all at once.

After the board is cleared, you win that level and can advance to the next one.

The game is free to play. We give out daily rewards every 24 hours, plus coin rewards every 20 minutes. This will keep you playing for free. But the more advanced players usually buy extra coins so they don't have to wait.

We've hidden (well, OK more like highlighted) treasures throughout the map. See if you can find all of the different treasures. Some are really easy to find, while others are carefully hidden.

The trick to being a good TriPeaks Solitaire player is in finding "chains", or a series of cards that match on the table… without having to draw from your stock pile too often. If you keep this mindset… always trying to maximize the number of matches you get from a card, then you'll do great!

Also consider matching with cards that are covering other cards. So every time you match a card on the table, another card (or even more) are revealed.

But there are occasions, where simply adhering to the most optimized method doesn't work. Because sometimes, picking a less optimized path, or even not making a match when one can be made is a better alternative.

But always know that all levels can be solved without using wildcards. We've guaranteed that all levels can be solved, and we don't do any trickery to make it harder (or easier) to solve a level. Each level has its own card shuffle, which is unique to that level… but consistent when you replay. So that when you replay the level, the cards on the table and in the stock pile are exactly the same as the time you played that level before.

There are always 52 cards on the table (not including wildcards). This is a standard deck of cards, so you'll only see four of any particular card… (ie four 7's, four Kings, etc). This helps you plan your moves since you can make better guesses on what's left in the stock pile.

Good luck! And we hope you have a blast playing Tripeaks Solitaire Adventure!

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