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What's “WhatsFish”? "Fishing joy" of fun + "Japan Life" of SNS(Social Networking Services).

WhatsFish is a new fishing game that allows you to experience the fun of arcade fishing games anytime and anywhere. Easy controls are coupled with an all-new gameplay system. Besides catching fish and earning coins, the game includes missions, item collection, level-up system, boss fights and special game modes… Creative and interesting game type ensure that every dive into the open ocean will be rewarded with infinite surprises.

New players will have 4 different types of cannons and must think of means to gather coins from fishes in order to expand their firepower. You can also attempt missions such as “catch the fish” and “treasure map search”. Obtain “pearls” and “diamonds” from “pearl oysters” or “wheels of fortune” to challenge Boss with interesting AI and enter a “Special game” mode. If you are lucky, there is a chance that “Poseidon’s Power” reward would be triggered and you would have an opportunity to catch all the fish on screen! In the process of fishing, players must remember that the types and size of the fish, along with the coins they drop, would determine the types of cannons available to them to earn bigger awards. A contest requiring both might and acumen awaits your challenge.

☆☆☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆☆☆

– Designed for iPhone – Optimized for iPhone 4.
– Amazingly realistic arcade game playing experience.
– Exotic 3-D graphics.
– Awesome coin return effect.
– Fish Ground system : Visiting and Fishing in friend's fish gound by connecting with Bluetooth and GameCenter.
– Collection system
– VIP System, play easy , play for fun.
– Over 30 Different colorful fish.
– 5 different types of cannons
– Time-limited missions
– Treasure map: search 3 mission map.
– 2 Special mode: Boss Challenge, Special Game .
– 2 Bonus mode: Poseidon’s Power , Weapon Super Power. At this time, the player would have an opportunity to catch all the fish on screen!
– Wheels of Fortune, Wheels of Coin: additional opportunities to churn out more game coins and even special pearls or diamonds.
– Screenshot posting on facebook.
– Game Centre Achievements and worldwide leader board.

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